Sandy Springs Farmers Market

I really love going to the farmers markets on Saturday mornings. This week I traveled to the Sandy Springs Farmers Market. Awesome, just wonderful to see all the family's getting out to see the vendors and their wares. The Market is opened on Saturday mornings from 8:30-12:00 May 1 through December. They have a lot to offer and I recommend you stopping by one of these markets. I actually meet a lot of people I know and enjoy making friends with the vendors. Don't be afraid to talk to the vendors and ask them questions.

There is a annual harvest calender to determine when products are available. This calender is also available on the markets website Annual Harvest Calender.

Here are some of the vendors at the market.

Zara May's Hand Crafted Fudge  The fudge is made with natural and organic ingredients. Very creamy and rich. I had to by some fudge, I am a chocoholic!



They also have live music.



This is my new friend Ziomicu with Zio Micu's Garden. He has hand crafted Italian pastas, flat breads, sauces, all Certified Organic. He grows all the vegetables and fruits on his homestead in north Georgia.



My friend Zio.


I walked up to this vendor and they asked me if I had a double stack convection
oven at the restaurant Mckendricks Steak House. I guess they needed to cook a lot of cookies because  
 the market was so busy. I told them no problem they could use the ovens. Then I realized they were not cookies but dog cookies. At the Green Dog Cookie Company all the cookies are homemade with certified organic ingredients free from preservatives, chemicals, sugars, salts and fillers.



This is one of my favorites, Taylororganics. Neil Taylor and his wife operate this family owned farm in southeast Atlanta in Henry county. His products are available at several local farmers markets as well as
some of the top restaurants in Atlanta.


Niel Taylor



Essential Light Designs, Aromatherapy products using organic essentials, soy and palm in recycled glass, natural home diffusers and custom handcrafted candle orders. You can also find them at Re-inspiration in Atlanta and the Artisans Emporium in Alpharetta, Georgia.





Emily G's produces natural jams in small batches using the finest ingredients available and from local farms. They have flavors like Triple Berry Jam, Jalapeno Raspberry and Rhubarb Marmalade.



I tasted these excellent jams, very fresh, full of flavor and I took home a couple of jars for my wife.



Gramma B's Home and Garden prepares creative and colorful floral compositions for indoors and out. They are located in Sandy Springs.







Farmer d Organics product line consists of raised beds, organic compost, tools and seeds.



Raised Beds




Magnolia Bread company is the first Certified Organic bread company in Georgia. They use only the finest ingredients, organic, unbleached, unbromated flours for their bread.



Bray Family Farms located in Powder Springs, Georgia has pastured pork and poultry as well as free range eggs, vegetables and grass feed meats.



And if you forgot to put something in you belly Sweet Odelle's has the best gluten free cinnamon rolls.



Hopes Garden is named after Dave and Leslie Lennox's daughter and produces homemade sweet basil pesto, jalapeno pesto and sun dried tomato pesto. They are located in Atlanta, Ga.