An Interview with Mckendrick’s Steak House Manager

What is it that makes McKendrick's Steak House so special, so different from all of the other upscale restaurants that Metro Atlanta has to offer?

Inquiring minds want to know- So we decided to sit down with Carol Conway, Manager and long-time employee of McKendrick's Steak House. We set out to get the inside scoop, in hopes to learn more about what makes McKendrick's so special, so unique, and what makes this fine American Steakhouse, stand out from the others; And in the land of fine dining, how do they differentiate themselves in Atlanta's sea of upscale restaurants?

Here’s a hint...Turns out, it's not only the finer things that makes McKendrick's different, and sets them apart from the rest.


Get the insiders scoop in our full interview with long-time McKendrick’s Manager, Carol Conway, here: 

Our Interview with McKendrick’s Manager, Carol Conway

Many thanks to Carol Conway, for all of your time and effort, and taking the time to chat with us.

Check out the full video interview on YouTube, here:

Interview with McKendrick’s Manager, Carol Conway